Updated Oct 2022

Sustainability has always been a crucial part of Paramount Manufacturing Group. We are constantly updating our vendors, distributors, and industry partners with a guiding framework for how we wish to manage our environmental impact.

In 2021, we updated our standards by revising our Code of Conduct for Suppliers. Launching these standards establishes our new approach toward sustainable compliance by providing a transparent framework for us to work with our customers and suppliers. We strive to improve working conditions and environmental performance and provide more sustainable sourcing options.

We recognize that there will continue to be sustainability challenges and opportunities as we advance, and there is much progress to be made. Building a solid foundation and supporting our employees, customers, and suppliers to be more sustainable is critical to our continued efforts to make a difference in our manufacturing communities.

Highlights of our sustainability initiatives and achievements are shared on this website, and more information can be provided by writing to us.

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