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We aim to create lifestyle heirloom linens, accessible to everyone.

We pride ourselves on sourcing the best fabrics and embroideries as well as having a big commitment to supplier diversity. We procure only the best fabrics and recruit disenfranchised minorities who are trained into skilled artisans.

The average age of our needle workers is over 60, this is because our products require years of experience and a steady hand.

The result is a product that keeps our customers coming back

— Rishi Uttam
Paramount Mfg. Group

Our History


Mr H. Uttam (pictured middle left) worked as an apprentice at a famous Indian textile company in British colonial India. Over the coming years, he would master the art of needlework, crochet & Macramé. Pictured here is a Britsh-made under-pick power loom, a highly technical machine that requires up to 6 persons to operate.

The photo was taken in Hyderabad, Sindh, British India


As Mr. Harkisindas Uttamchandani family grow so did the business. Pictured here is his yong son Mr. Lakhi Uttamchandani in Undivided India.


Partition of India.

At the end of the colonial area in British India, over 10 million people were displaced and left without a country, home and business. Mr. H Uttam and his family fled across the border into present-day India in an attempt to salvage and restart their business.


Almost 20 years later. Mr H Uttam is able to restart and team up with his Italian partners to form Paramount Commercial Co. Exports grow to Spain, Tenerife, Turkey & beyond.


MR. H U Lakhi (son) joins the family business which is now known as Paramount Embroidery Mfg LTD.

"Italian designs with Indian know-how was the key to Paramounts growth and sucsess. -- Mr HU Lakhi 1968


Moving to a new premises in the then well-known "textile district" of Lankwaifun & D'agular street. Now the area is better know for nightlife and pubs.


Mr. HU Lakhi's son joins the family business and renames it to Paramount Manufacturing Group Limited.


Opening of the Shanghai Representative Office to enhance our closer partnership with factories in the China Mainland.


Incerased logistics and warehouse space to cater for increase customer demand in Qingdao, China. Our warehouse and factory space now spans more than 1000 Square Meters.


While we remain a OEM manufacture and producr of home textiles, a grownig number of custmoers vwanted us to start our own in-house brand. In 2015 we launched "The Happy Linens Co." Modern, energetic fun linens to brighten your home.

With history dating back to 1932, we have been specializing in the home textile industry, haberdasheries and fine embroidered linens for over 40 years. A foreign owned establishment headed in Hong Kong. We are members of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce and have a wealth of local heritage giving us the upper hand in understanding the needs of our overseas clients. We provide a whole range of bespoke manufacturing services which include a low minimum order, distribution, pick and pack, and warehousing. We cater to the small mom & pop stores as well as the bigger multi-national establishments, some of which include Catalog companies, mail order services, e-commerce stores, and larger chains. As a genuine SME (Small-Medium Enterprise), Paramount strengths lay in our strong relationships with our joint venture partners and factories. With a strong focus on technology and innovative ideas we see ourselves as leaders in the Home Textiles industry. Customer references are available upon request. We look forward to your product inquires.

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